Oct 04, 2007 · I think this is a really funny thing to use. I was really immature back when I used this, so if you use it, please use it correctly. Here is the link below.

Apr 26, 2013 Wheres a website where i can type something in, and that Dec 09, 2007 PC Maintenance: Cleaning your Computer Inside and Out Apr 30, 2019 How can I learn more about computers? Mar 06, 2020

Turn off your computer and the monitor. Step 2. Now, you have to remove the power cord of monitor. Don’t connect it back for at least 10 minutes. Step 3. Unplug the video cable from the CPU and wait for 5 minutes. Step 4. Now, plug the video cable to the CPU and power cord of monitor. Step 5. Restart the computer. This should solve the problem.

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Jul 24, 2019 · Method 2. Step 1: Open the Notepad and paste the code given below. start %0 %0. Step 2: Save the file with ” .bat ” extension and file type to all. Step 3: Run the ” OnlineCmag.bat ” file to crash your computer.

I made this blurb up for her." this is the bbc, london. President george bush resigned today amidst a scandal involving condoleeza rice, a case of vodka and a goat in a garter belt. the trio was discovered committing lewd acts in a nevada brothel. the goat is rumored to be the pet goat of "My Pet Goat" fame, but the rumors are still unconfirmed. You type something in and The computer says it? | Yahoo Oct 26, 2008