PlayStation 3 - Online and PlayStation Store After the major ps3 incident, I have been unable to connect my ps3 to the internet. The access point is working ; my ds, psp and laptop can all connect to it, the WEP key that was input is correct.

How to connect your PS4 to the Internet and PlayStation If the connection is successful, you will be prompted to [Test Internet Connection], finalising the setup process. Note: PlayStation Network Sign-in will fail when testing your Internet connection. To access PlayStation Network you need to sign in with your account details. How to improve your PS3 connection to the internet and Aug 24, 2011 Can I still connect to the internet with a jailbroken PS3 Hi there, someone who actually OWNS a jailbroken PS3 and knows what they're talking about here. Ignore the previous responses. Of course you can connect to the internet on a jailbroken PS3, and you can sign in to PSN. Nothing will happen. Now, hav

For context, I havent synced my ps3 trophies since late 2018. I dont play it a whole lot anymore because its just dreadfully slow with everything. However, I have earned quite a few trophies since then and some platinums as well. I just want to sync up my trophies. I turned on my Ps3 and everything works fine except for the internet.

Assuming you have a wireless router and a modern internet connection. to connect to the internet i would do it wirelessly, not only does this save the hassle of having to plug and unplug one cable to and from the modem to the PS3 but also it saves you having a big mess of cables. can I connect internet on my ps3 using my phone | Tom's Feb 25, 2018

When you move it to the PS3 without reseting the modem, it sees a different MAC address and won't reassign the IP to it. I would suggest picking up a broadband NAT router. They aren't very expensive and you will be able to connect the PS3 and multiple computers to the Internet at the same time.

Sharing internet connection with ps3 - Microsoft® Community Hi. I recently got a new laptop with windows 8 and cannot now share my internet connection with PS3. I have a usb broadband modem and connect my ps3 to the laptop through ethernet cable. On windows 7 i could easily share my internet connection with the ps3 but with windows 8 the networking control panel is different and I have tried many things How to set up Internet on your PS3 (Wireless) - YouTube Jul 06, 2009 How do I Connect Phone to PS3 and Watch Movies - Benjamin Oct 30, 2018 PS3: Netflix Connection Troubleshooting